The success of AP Designs Co. is demonstrated in the work Anna executed for Swish 2 Success, a thriving non-profit she created and executed, from inception to completion. With Swish 2 Success, Anna has planned and managed successful annual events, maintains healthy sponsorships, and creates and sustains fruitful partnerships in the community and beyond. As a result, Anna is now in position to elevate others seeking success in their non-profit endeavors.


Anna is deeply driven by her profound desire to not only help others live their dreams but facilitate rising non-profits to create a thriving community and increase resources according to one's mission. To receive comprehensive non-profit consulting services to incorporate your idea, please contact Anna here.

You can create the change you want to see in the world.



The "Directional Package" is purposefully designed for clients needing guidance with getting started on their journey to making an impact in the lives of others. Anna will guide you in the right direction of specific steps to complete to incorporate your non-profit. Together, a plan of action will be created to execute all necessary tasks. At the end of this partnership, clients will be in a position to carry out the set plan of action to start their non-profit and feel confident in knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to correctly do it. Clients can expect to learn how to identify their purpose, how to best serve a specific population, how to frame respective services, and how to identify and to apply terms necessary to the process.

  • Partnership length: One month

  • Four (4) one-hour meetings 

    • The final meeting will ensure a strong understanding of tasks to be completed, ensuring the client is ready to incorporate their non-profit

  • Ten must-know steps for incorporating a non-profit

    • Will identify forms necessary for the incorporation of your organization

    • Will identify documents needed;

  • Provide all pertinent information, leading clients to complete each of the ten steps

  • Thorough explanation of the Articles of Incorporation

  • An in-depth explanation of each article of By-Laws

  • Custom checklist

  • Access to ongoing communication



The "Comprehensive Package" is strategically designed for clients who want to remove the guesswork from incorporating their nonprofit and, instead, have a professional complete these lofty tasks on their behalf. Anna will complete all necessary steps for filing your non-profit while keeping clients in the know, every step of the way. Anna will work closely with clients to identify the purpose of their non-profit, which population to serve, and services to best impact said population while explaining each step of the process and clarifying industry-relevant terminology. At the conclusion of the partnership, the client will be in a position to begin work in their community, serving others through their newly-incorporated non-profit organization. 

  • Partnership length: three to four months (timeline is dependent on the approval process by respective entities)

  • Four (4) one-hour meetings ​to gather information to draft documents

    • Additional meetings scheduled as needed

    • The final meeting will ensure the client is ready to begin work 

  • Ten must-know steps for incorporating a non-profit​

  • Draft Articles of Incorporation

  • Draft non-profit By-Laws

  • Incorporate non-profit organization through state 

  • File 501(c)(3) tax exemption through IRS

  • Submit documents to respective entities (clients will receive all                         legal documents to keep on file)

  • Register with the state's Department of Revenue

  • Custom checklist of the process (to keep clients informed and abreast)


Since its inception in 2018, Swish 2 Success has served over 1,000 kids and looks forward to opening its doors to the many other youth projected to join in the coming years. Swish 2 Success paves the way for its youth to create and sustain communal connections and valuable skills, ensuring its program remains true to its mission to advance the youth of today and the future. To learn more about the fruits of Anna's success, please visit


P: 502.269.9324