Anna Persaud

Anna Persaud, Lead Designer and Senior Consultant of AP Designs Co., was born into a family of shakers and movers, as her late father played a pivotal role in not only leading by example but encouraging Anna to be her own boss. 

Driven by family influence, her ongoing quest for knowledge, an overwhelming desire to help others achieve their wildest dreams, Anna created the non-profit, Swish 2 Success. With Swish 2 Success, Anna seeks to create programs, camps, events to help each child maximize their potential, and maximize their potential is what she has accomplished, indeed.


As Swish 2 Success continued to grow within the community and beyond, Anna began assisting other people with their non-profit goals, which led Anna to dive into branding design strategies, too. With years of mentoring and design work under her belt, Anna decided to create AP Designs Co., a comprehensive branding design company and non-profit consulting agency. 

"Between creating a cohesive brand design and starting a fully-functioning non-profit, I under the complexities of both, and I take pride in leaving no stone unturned for every client," Anna shares, "the way I did for my successful endeavors. As a woman who lives by a checklist, swears by open communication and attacks each goal with enthusiasm, I'm confident each client will reap the very best from our professional partnership."

To be the change requires more than thinking; it requires doing, and Anna welcomes the opportunity to ignite the process and light the way until completion.